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Andrew Schwartz

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University of Pittsburgh
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Dr. Schwartz received his PhD in physiology from the University of Minnesota in 1984. As a postdoctoral fellow, he worked with Apostolos Georgopoulos from 1984-1987 at Johns Hopkins, where they studied motor cortical representations of reaching. Schwartz was then appointed to a staff scientist position at the Barrow Neurological Institute where he developed a behavioral paradigm to study cortical activity during drawing movements. During this period and with collaborators at Arizona State University, he began work on cortical neural prosthetics which he continued after he moved to the Neurosciences Institute in 1995. Since 2002, he has been a professor at the University of Pittsburgh where he has continued to develop cortical prosthetics along with investigations of how drawing movement is represented in frontal cortex.
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"Our research merges engineering and neuroscience in the development of neural prosthetics to replace movement in the immobile. A key thrust of this work is to replace the anthropomorphic, skilled and agile features of normal movement. These features will more completely enhance the quality of life for potential users than current prosthetics."