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Rosemarie Cooper

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Rehabilitation Science and Technology
University of Pittsburgh
Forbes Tower, 5044
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Rosemarie Cooper, M.P.T. received the B.A. degree with concentration in international business from California State University, Sacramento in 1994. She received the M.P.T. degree in physical therapy from the University of Pittsburgh in 1998. She is a RESNA certified assistive technology practitioner (ATP). She is employed at the University of Pittsburgh in the School for Health and Rehabilitation Science as an instructor within the Department of Rehabilitation Science Technology. She is working as a clinical coordinator at the Human Engineering Research Laboratories and as a clinical instructor/ wheelchair seating clinician at the UPMC Center for Assistive Technology. August 01, 2005 she accepted the position as the director of the UPMC Center for Assistive Technology (CAT). Rosemarie Cooper has been an author on several articles on wheelchairs and seating. She is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, business academic honor society and a member of APTA.
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"I am a physical therapist and I am working as a clinical instructor/ wheelchair seating clinician at the UPMC Center for Assistive Technology. I am proud to be part of a multidisciplinary team that consists of therapist, physician, rehabilitation engineers and rehabilitation technology suppliers. This team is working together in putting life in motion for individuals with disabilities. What ever assistive technology is needed, the CAT can provide a bridge to independence and opportunity to live life to its fullest and to enhance the quality of life of our clients. On a personal note, being married to a person with SCI, I appreciate the importance and the impact that appropriate assistive technology not only has on my husband's quality of live, but how it indirectly affects my own quality of live. Appropriate technology has allowed us to lead a fulfilling, active, productive professional and social life. I am very excited and thankful to be part of the QoLT initiative."