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JEmmanuel Collins

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Mechanical Engineering
Florida A&M University - Florida State University
ecollins @ eng.fsu.edu

Emmanuel Collins is Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Florida A&M University - Florida State University. Hi is also the John H. Seely Professor at FAMU-FSU. His research interests are in intelligent control systems for autonomous vehicles, fault detection and isolation, control in manufacturing, automated controller tuning, automated weight selection in modern control, applications of advanced robust control techniques, numerical algorithms for control law design, multivariable robustness analysis and robust control, fluidic thrust vector control, control of propulsion systems, control of flexible civil, mechanical and aerospace systems, reduced-order controller design. He received a BS in Interdisciplinary Science form Morehouse College in 1981; BS in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology in 1981; MS in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University in 1982; and PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Purdue University in 1987.