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Howard Wactlar

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Computer Science; Robotics
Carnegie Mellon University
Newell-Simon Hall 4519
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Howard Wactlar is currently Vice Provost for Research Computing, Associate Dean in the School of Computer Science, and Alumni Research Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. He has served CMU in various research, technical and administrative capacities, including most recently, that of Scientific Director for the NSF Quality of Life Technology (QoLT) Engineering Research Center.

He graduated in Physics from the University of Maryland and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was primary architect and served as project director of the Informedia Digital Video Library, one of the original U.S. NSF Digital Library Initiative projects. He has been the principal investigator for a number of defense and intelligence agency research projects on automated video analysis and information integration, and multiple NSF and NIH-funded CareMedia-related projects in machine understanding of human health and behavior. He was a co-founder and Associate Director of the DoD-funded Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and Director of the joint CMU/IBM Information Technology Center that pioneered ubiquitous campus computing. He holds basic patents for processes related to automated video library creation and video search and summarization, and is co-inventor of a pending patent for automated video capture and analysis of human behavior. He co-founded MediaSite, organized to commercialize video information extraction and search technology. He has been active in establishing video information research programs in the U.S., Europe and China through joint initiatives with multiple foreign partners. His current research centers on multimedia information systems, machine learning and intelligent systems, and their application to improving health care.

His current research centers on multimedia information systems, machine learning, and intelligent systems and their ap­plication to improving health care.
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"The QoLT initiative represents the unification of a lifetime career in computer engineering research, development, and management to the establishment of a new discipline that has the potential for long-term health, social and economic consequences for all of society."