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Jim Osborn

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Robotics Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
Newell-Simon Hall 4517
oz @ cs.cmu.edu

Jim "Oz" Osborn is Executive Director and a co-founder of the Quality of Life Technology Center. He is also the Coordinator of University Life Science Initiatives for Carnegie Mellon. From 2001 to 2006 he was Executive Director of the Carnegie Mellon's Medical Robotics Technology Center, as well as MERITS of Pittsburgh, a program to stimulate collaborations between clinical and technological researchers. Previously, he founded a regional economic development group, the Pittsburgh Robotics Initiative.  From 1985 through 1999, he held research and management positions in Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute and led several multi-$M robotics R&D projects sponsored by the US DOE, NASA and industry, including the first robot to explore an active volcano and robots for investigation of the Chernobyl and Three Mile Island nuclear accidents. He has served as a board member of several professional society robotics divisions, chaired two technical conferences, and authored one patent and 25 papers and technical reports on robotic systems and applications. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering and a Master's degree in Civil and Biomedical Engineering, both from Carnegie Mellon. A lifelong Pittsburgher, he lives with his wife and two daughters in Oakmont, PA.
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"In college I majored in biomedical engineering so I could apply myself to the betterment of others. As a lifelong Pittsburgher, I have watched our population age and seen the needs to help the elderly. I see QoLT as an opportunity to make the contribution to society and my community that I've always wanted."