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Gustavo Sudre

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University of Pittsburgh
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Gustavo Sudre earned his BS degree in Computer Science at the University of Kansas in 2006. During his 4 years there, he performed research on artificial intelligence and published works in data mining and knowledge representation. One of his research goals is to build truly intelligent machines and, in the Fall of 2006, Gustavo started his PhD studies in Bioengineering (Neuroengineering track) at the University of Pittsburgh in order to study how the human brain works. Working with Dr. Wei Wang, Gustavo hopes to work toward this goal as well as to help build interfaces which people with disabilities can use to enhance their mobility. His current research projects include using MEG data to investigate the influence of somatosensory input in motor cortex activity, as well as using these data to study plasticity in the brain and evaluate optimal areas to control brain-computer interfaces.