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Sanjiv Singh

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Robotics Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
Newell-Simon Hall, 2111
ssingh @ ri.cmu.ed

Sanjiv Singh is Associate Research Professor in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Singh was Systems Scientist (1885-2001), then Senior Research Scientist (2001-2003) in the Robotics Institute. In 1999 he was Visiting Fellow at the University of Sydney, Australia; and in 1992 he was NSF Research Fellow at the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan. He received his PhD in 1995 and his MS in 1992 in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon. He received an MS in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University in 1985, and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Denver in 1983.

Dr. Singh's research relates to the operation of robots in natural and in some cases, extreme environments. Two areas that he has worked in extensively in the past are mobile robot navigation and autonomous earthmoving. He led a program in position based navigation (1987- 89). The technology developed by this program has evolved into a commercial product line of automated mining equipment manufactured by Caterpillar Inc. He led a program in high-speed autonomous navigation in unstructured terrain funded by Boeing and the Canadian Defense (1994-1996) and by DARPA (2001). Currently he leads a commercially funded effort to automate large mowers for use on golf courses and sportsfields. His work in automation of earthmoving (1995-1999) has fully automated an excavator backhoe to autonomously load trucks at speeds rivaling expert human operators.