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Jongbae Kim

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School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences
University of Pittsburgh
2310 Jane Street, Suite 1300
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Jongbae Kim is a Postdoctorial Associate in the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology. Dr. Kim received a BA in Applied Statistics from Yonsei University of Korea and completed his MS program in Industrial Engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. He received Ph.D. degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, all in Rehabilitation Science. Within rehabilitation science he specializes in telerehabilitation, adaptive input/output device, rehabilitation robotics, and laser therapy on pressure ulcer. While he was studying the MS program, he became spinal chord injured as the result of fall and became quadriplegic. After suffering several challenges, he has been serving Korean people with SCI for seven years. He has developed many rehabilitation programs for Koreans with SCI including the creation of disability community web sites. He has also educated many people with SCI in Information Technologies and worked to find jobs for educated people with SCI. He has also taught students the rehabilitation via IT technology in the Nazarene University, ChonAhn, Korea. Dr. Kim is currently leading a research task and working for other tasks of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on TeleRehabilitation.
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"I am driving my $100k van equipped with a special driving system while sitting on $40K functional power wheelchair. I am interested in improving the quality of life of myself and my peer wheelers using the state-of-art technologies. QoLT ERC is how I can accomplish my wish. I am developing ubiquitous computing systems worn on mobility devices and a tele-healthcare system based on computer-embedded mobility devices. And I am developing a remote accessibility assessment system using 3D reconstruction and VR technologies, which will allow home modification specialists to evaluate the accessibility of client's home at remote location. I want to make life on the wheelchair "life worth living" not "life without living."