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Wändi Bruine de Bruin

wandi bruine de bruin

Social and Decision Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University
Porter Hall 208H
wandi @ andrew.cmu.edu

Wändi Bruine de Bruin is an Assistant Professor in Carnegie Mellon's Departments of Social and Decision Sciences and of Engineering and Public Policy.  She has a M.Sc. in Cognitive Psychology from the Free University of Amsterdam and a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Behavioral Decision Theory and Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University.  Her research interests include behavioral decision making, individual differences in decision-making competence across the life span, risk perception and communication, and survey methodology.  Her research aims to understand how people make decisions about the risks affecting their health and finances, how to develop communications to improve those decisions, and how people vary in their abilities to make decisions.  She has recently edited a special issue on decision-making competence for the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, for which she also serves on the editorial board.  She has published in peer-reviewed journals in multiple disciplines, including psychology, environmental science, economics, and public health.  She has contributed her expertise to advisory panels and workshops organized by various organizations, including the Centers of Disease Control, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Food and Drug Administration, and the National Research Council.