Membership in the QoLT Consortium-Quality of Life Technology Center - Carnegie Mellon University

Become a Member

Our experience has shown people are the best mechanism for technology transfer.  Each agreement will spell out membership privileges, costs, and discounts, as well as the general terms of technology licensing. Specific membership benefits are outlined in the table below:

Member Benefit Affiliated Provider Associate Member Full Member Master Member
Open invitation to visit
Advance copies of all publications
Facilitated access to students / recruiting
Opportunity to interact with Faculty and Staff
Logo and listing on CMU QoLT Center website
Quarterly Newsletter
Quarterly membership meetings – two in person and two by video conference
Participate in periodic research project calls (up to 3 projects per member org.)
Notification of invention disclosures
Opportunity for on site QoLT prototype testing
Members vote on research project funding (based on a percentage of member dues pool) 2 voting seats
Student Involvement (one project per year based on availability of students) team project class project
Member exclusive white papers, topics chosen by voting members from a list of appropriate topics (one per year)
Opportunity for researcher in residence optional w/fee included
Annual meeting at member's site  •
Licenses to new quality of life technologies i ii
Not for profit discount 50% 50% 50%  0%
 Annual Dues $2k $5k $20k $50k

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
i — Non-exclusive royalty-free, non-commercial
ii — Member-only option (up to 3 years) to negotiate exclusive licenses