Personal Assistive Robots: A Roadmap to Deployment-Quality of Life Technology Center - Carnegie Mellon University

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Personal Assistive Robots: A Roadmap to Deployment

Building on insights gained in over a decade of research and development, and leveraging the expertise of CMU's Robotics Institute and Human-Computer Interaction Institute, the Quality of Life Technology Center is creating the definitive guide to robots that serve people at home and work in long-term care and other health care settings.

The roadmap will be comprehensive and cover topics including:

  • which task competencies are the highest priority
  • compromises between automation and robot autonomy that will accelerate deployment
  • human-robot interaction paradigms taht will succeed, especially for older adult users and health care workers
  • regulatory, reimbursement and other non-technological barriers and how to address them.

Personal Assistive Robots:  A Roadmap to Deployment will be available via the QoLT Consortium in Q3, 2014. 

For information and sign-up, please contact Randy Eager, Industrial Liaision Officer, at reager @