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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

QoLT Travels to Harbin Institute, China

In June, QoLT Acting Director Daniel P. Siewiorek visited the Harbin Institute of Technology in China for his second visit in two consecutive years.

While at Harbin, Siewiorek gave two presentations to students:  one which provided a general overview of Quality of Life Technology and one which introduced students to Virtual Coach concepts. Siewiorek leads the Virtual Coach Testbed Systems cluster at the QoLT Center.

A selection of photos from the trip follows:

dan siewiorek is welcomed at harbin institute

Dan Siewiorek receives a warm welcome from the Harbin Institute.

siewiorek introduction before qolt overview talk

 The QoLT Center's work was highlighted with a QoLT Overview talk.

dan siewiorek with several harbin institute students

Harbin students posing for a group shot after the QOLT talk.

dan siewiorek with his project team at harbin institute

A smaller team also worked directly with Siewiorek on Virtual Coaches.