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Friday, July 27, 2012

QoLT at the Summer Olympics - Engineering for Mobility

At the 2012 Summer Paralympics, elite athletes with disabilities rely on strength, speed and skill as they go for the gold in 21 different sporting events.

In "The Science of the Summer Olympics" a 10-part video series produced by NBC News in partnership with the National Science Foundation, QoLT's Co-Director Dr. Rory Cooper demonstrates how engineering helps wheelchair athletes maximize performance in such diverse sports as wheelchair rugby, basketball and racing.

Engineering for Mobility

(Video: Liam McHugh for NBC Universal)

Dr. Cooper also comments on the advanced prosthetics and rehabilitation technologies now used by Olympic athletes training to compete.

The Strength and Flexibility of Oscar Pistorius

(Video: Liam McHugh for NBC Universal)

The Impact of Jenny Simpson

(Video: Liam McHugh for NBC Universal)

An award-winning athlete himself, Dr. Cooper has participated in four wheelchair racing events, winning a bronze medal in the 1988 Paralympic Games in Seoul, South Korea. He is also actively involved in the National Veterans Wheelchair Games.

Learn more about the "Science of the Summer Olympics" - watch the complete video series online at NBC Learn.

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