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Friday, August 31, 2012

Proceedings of the IEEE Release Special Issue on QoLT

Cover Design for the Special Issue on Quality of Life Technologies - August 2012
Cover Design for the Special Issue on Quality of Life Technologies - August 2012

Proceedings of the IEEE have released a Special Issue on Quality of Life Technologies (Vol. 100, No. 8), guest edited by QoLT Center Director Emeritus, Takeo Kanade.  The Special Issue was released in August 2012.

"This Special Issue is a collection of papers that represents current research on various aspects of QoLT, heavily drawn from activities within the Quality of Life Technology Center,” said IEEE Fellow Takeo Kanade in his opening remarks as guest editor.

The publication highlights QoLT’s interdisciplinary nature spanning discussions of sensors and interpretation; mechanisms and manipulation; human interaction and modeling; rehabilitation and health science; communication and distributed systems; and personal and socio-economic considerations, such as user acceptance and privacy issues.

Key topics covered include:

  • A roadmap for the design, development and evaluation of QoLT system development;
  • Cutting edge research on robotics planning, manipulation and sensing;
  • Intelligent devices and instrumented environments that sense, observe and assist people;
  • Research, development and evaluation of rehabilitation and therapeutic systems; and
  • Why and how universal design is needed to ensure anyone can benefit from QoLT systems regardless of functional challenges.

QoLT is known to draw on collaborative, interdisciplinary teams involving social scientists, clinicians, engineers and computer scientists.  Contributions include several papers authored by researchers at the QoLT Center. Individual contributors  to the Special Issue include: QoLT Center Director, Dan Siewiorek; Co-Director, Rory A. Cooper; QoLT Leadership Team members Rich Schulz, Martial Hebert, and Siddhartha Srinivasa; as well as faculty, students and advisors of the QoLT Center.

Several specific examples of QoLT Testbed Systems are also cited in the publication, including: the Home Exploring Robot Butler (HERB), First Person Vision, Virtual Coaches and the Personal Mobility and Manipulation Applicance (PerMMA).

The Proceedings of the IEEE Special Issue on Quality of Life Technologies is the first in a series of milestone publications being put forth through the assistance of the QoLT Center to help define a new field of interdisciplinary practices in engineering and intelligent systems design.


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