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Company Description Established

Navity Logo

Sensor technology for driving programs to quantify driver capability and reinforce licensing decisions

Contact: Nahom Beyene

August 2013

PeekaBuy Logo

Big data products leveraging computer vision and machine learning for image based product recommendation

Contact: Hongwen Henry Kang

January 2013

phrql logo

Smartphone applications with social elements that motivate users to track, manage and maintain personal health.

Contact: Paul Sandberg

December 2011

origami robotics logo

Origami Robotics
Maker of affordable, DIY social robot kits for therapy, education, and fun.

Contact: Aubrey Shick

November 2011

tiramisu transit logo

Tiramisu Transit, LLC
Real-time bus tracking via SmartPhone crowdsourcing applications.

Contacts: Aaron Steinfeld, Anthony Tomasic

December 2010

lean&zoom logo

Lean&Zoom, LLC
Auto-magnification software for reducing eye and neck strain.

Contact: Chris Harrison

October 2010

First Person Vision Logo

First Person Vision, LLC
Inside-out vision devices for training, security and memory assistance

Contacts: Brendan McManus

August 2010

Rubitection Logo

A standard tool for early bedsore assessment and management

Contact: Sanna Gaspard

Fall 2010

qolt foundry logo

Dupr, LLC
3D video conferencing systems

Contact: Chris Harrison

July 2010

qolt foundry logo

Ergonomic Joystick

Contacts: Joel Olson

January 2010

invynt logo

Invynt, LLC
Smart interaction technologies for electronics, auto and home

Contact: Chris Harrison

August 2009

vibe attire logo

VibeAttire, Inc.
Vibrotactile clothing for entertainment and assistive technology

Contact: Aubrey Shick

July 2009

navprescience logo

NavPrescience, Inc.
Learning and predictive GPS navigation system

Contacts: Brian Ziebart, Anind Dey

June 2009

For more information on these companies, please contact Jim Osborn (unless otherwise noted above).