QoLT Foundry Opportunities-Quality of Life Technology Center - Carnegie Mellon University

Business Opportunities from Innovative Research

The QoLT Foundry identifies innovations in QoLT research that show potential business and commercialization opportunity. 

Each project opportunity is assessed on its technical feasibility, potential market size and competitors and its time-to-market estimates. Intellectual property evaluation follows as well as business model development. Assessment is carried out by Executives-in-Residence as well as Innovation Interns.

Two Opportunity Meetings are held each year in July and October to present the due diligence given to these innovations. Meeting attendees engage in lively discussion to refine each emerging business model. Through this extensive feedback from our partners, advisory groups and local entrepreneurs, the Foundry develops and advances those opportunities with the greatest potential.

Current Opportunities

  • Intelligent Coach
  • Virtual Seating Coach
  • Lift Chair

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