QoLT Press Kit: CES 2011-Quality of Life Technology Center - Carnegie Mellon University

Visit QoLT at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show:

This year the QoLT Foundry demonstrates 10 innovations and products at CES Booth #3013, including:

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Leaning forward to achieve visual enlargement is natural; magnify any on-screen content automatically by simply leaning forward.


Health Kiosk

Monitor physical, physiological, cognitive and behavioral status using an integrated, multi-sensor system

dps @ cs.cmu.edu

Virtual Valet

Park or retrieve your vehicle remotely using only your phone or other mobile device.


Scratch Input

Enable any large surface - such as walls, furniture, or skin - with ad hoc input capabilities


First Person Vision

Analyze a person’s behavior by extracting information about intention from gaze-based data.

devyver+ @ cs.cmu.edu


Materials detection equips devices with “placement awareness” for improved situational response.


Soft Robots

Overcome critical safety barriers to close human-robot contact and co-existence with soft robots.


Intuitive Interaction

Touch-sensitive robot skin detects and responds to contact with a person or object.


Modular Snakebots

Highly articulated mechanisms that can reach locations people and machinery otherwise cannot.


Drive Cap

Detect changes in your driving behavior whether they occur rapidly or infrequently.

nmb32 @ pitt.edu

ces booth #3013

  • 10 innovations
  • 2 start-up companies
  • 1 partner collaboration
  • qolt's first commercial product