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InForm Exercise Coach

Minimize accidental injuries stemming from errors in at-home exercise due to bad form or infrequency.

This sensor-based coaching system motivates knee osteoarthritis patients to perform physical rehabilitation exercises regularly and correctly at home while minimizing injury. The system employs a unique Wireless Data Acquisition System to tracks a user's movements while performing exercises. The wearable Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)sensors feature a comfortable design that does not impede the user's performance during activity. 

Captured sensor data is compiled into a user-friendly, interactive interface that supports the completion of at-home exercise routines.  The coach guides the user through error-correction and provides feedback to both patients and healthcare providers on motion quality, patient progress, and prescription compliance to best maximize the user's accomplishments and therapy.

Core Benefits:

  • Detects incorrect postures and bad exercise form
  • Tracks subtle aspects of movement in the torso and lower extremity
  • Provides seamless feedback and reporting to patients and healthcare providers

Targeted User Populations:

  • Knee osteoarthritis patients (20 million in the U.S.)
  • Rehab centers, hospitals and clinics
  • Other physical therapists and patients
  • Consumers who exercise at home

"There is no system currently available to patients that can provide a quantitative measure of motion quality while providing support for home exercises. Early testing of the Exercise Coach shows that we can use accelerometer data and simple Machine Learning techniques to recognize subtle errors in exercise performance. These results prove encouraging for integrating sensing and classification into a system to support therapeutic home rehabilitation."

-- Portia Taylor, Carnegie Mellon University

About the Research:

Future work includes data collection from patients with knee osteoarthritis and a user study on effective feedback mechanisms for reporting and correcting errors. The system will be adapted to perform real-time recognition of errors.

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sensors worn during exercise
Sensors worn during exercise routine.

an early sensor prototype for the exercise coach
Prototype of wearable IMU sensors

coach interface for data review and reporting
Data review via the coach interface.


Portia Taylor,
Lead Researcher

Kristen Sabol,
QoLT Communications and Media
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