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Spring 2015 Calls for Proposals

February 24, 2015: ProSEED announces its call for proposals from CMU students, faculty and staff for ProSEED/Crosswalk grants.  Funds, typically ranging from $500 - $2,500, may be requested to support the development of new initiatives in areas such as quality of life, service learning, student competitions, development of new courses, entrepreneurial activities and pilot projects. 

Application Deadline: April 1, 2015. 

ProSEED/Crosswalk: Grants for Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Faculty, and Staff

These grants are designed to seed a wide range of ideas to build connections and collaborations across colleges, departments, student organizations, even campuses. We want to inspire bold creativity and entrepreneurship among CMU community members, and are looking for fresh ideas that cross boundaries within and outside of the university.

Application Deadline: April 1, 2015

Read about past award recipients.

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ProSEED/EQT Energy Seed Funds

EQT Foundation has provided funds for faculty aimed at seeding new projects in a wide range of energy and water-related research with connections to the natural gas industry.  Read the news announcement »

Next Funding Cycle: Fall 2015

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ProSEED/Simon Initiative Seed Grants

Simon Initiative seed grants support innovation at CMU in learning science research and its application to CMU courses and curricula.

Next Funding Cycle: Fall 2015

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ProSEED/BrainHub Seed Grants

ProSEED/BrainHub Seed funds are intended to seed innovative ideas in brain science research at the intersection of multiple disciplines.  Special consideration is given to proposals involving multiple BrainHub partner institutions.

Next Funding Cycle: Spring 2015 (Applications due end of April/May.  More details posted shortly.)

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