Student Boxes - Unclaimed Mail-Postal Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University Postal Services Policies
Student Mailboxes, Unclaimed Mail

Consistent with United States Postal Service regulations, all mail or packages that are unclaimed ten days after delivery may be returned to sender at the discretion of Postal Services. Our process is as follows:

Unclaimed Mail

  1. As necessary, Postal Services’ employees will inspect the mailboxes.
  2. At our discretion, mail that is over ten days old will be removed from the mailboxes.
  3. Removed mail will be checked into the Post Office package tracking software.
  4. An email will be sent to the owner of the unclaimed mail.
  5. The mail will need to be picked up from the package pick up window within ten days.
  6. After ten days, any mail not picked up from the package pick up window will be returned to sender as unclaimed.

Please note that if there is a legitimate reason that mail or packages cannot be picked up within the ten day period, the Post Office must be notified. Further arrangements can then be made to handle the mail or packages.