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Carnegie Mellon University Postal Services Policies
Student Mailboxes, Assignment & Retention

All undergraduate Pittsburgh  students are assigned a student mail code (SMC) which matches a mailbox in the campus Post Office located on the lower level of the University Center (UC). To speed mail processing and improve campus delivery for residents, the Post Office routes student mail through this SMC. This mailbox will be used for all campus, U.S. mail and packages.

The address is:

5032 Forbes Avenue
SMC ####
Pittsburgh, PA 15289-####


Students retain their assigned SMC as long as they are an undergraduate student in good standing at Carnegie Mellon University. Please see our policy on Forwarding Mail if you are studying abroad, on a leave of absence or have left campus for any other reason.

Once a student graduates, their SMC/mailbox is released to be assigned to incoming freshmen.

Graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University do not receive SMC’s. Thus, if you graduate and plan on returning to campus the following fall for graduate school, your mailbox will be released. Postal Services has box rental available to graduate students for $35/semester or $60/year.