Special Services-Postal Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Special Mailing Services

Express Mail

Senders must deliver Express Mail to the University Center Post Office by 3:45 pm Monday through Friday. While the University Center Post Office is open later, the operation cannot accept Express Mail after the 4:00 pm collection. Because Postal Services is not open on Saturdays during the summer, Express Mail packages will not be delivered until the following Monday. Also, please note that deliveries to some continental U.S. destinations and all overseas destinations take longer than one day.

Insured Mail

Insured Mail may provide some reparation in the event that your mail is lost or damaged. If the materials you wish to send have monetary value, Insured Mail is recommended. In order to use this service, you must complete the proper paperwork. There is an additional fee for this service.

Certified Return Receipt Mail

Certified Return Receipt Mail provides a way of verifying whether the addressee has received a piece of mail. With Certified Return Receipt Mail, the sender will receive a postcard from the USPS stating the name of the person who signed for the mail and the date on which it was signed. The proper paperwork, which can be obtained at the University Center Post Office, must be completed and sent with the mail. When completing the paperwork, please include the department or name to which the postcard should be returned. There are additional fees for these services.

Registered Mail

Registered Mail is the most secure way of mailing. It is recommended for mailing anything of importance or value. It provides evidence of mailing and delivery. Registered Mail is signed for every time it changes hands through the postal service until it is delivered and signed for by the receiver. Customers using this service must deliver their Registered Mail to the University Center Post Office no later than 2:00 pm. You may also purchase insurance for an extra fee depending on the value of the article.

Campus Metered Mail

Metering Requisition forms are to be filled out and attached to mail of which you wish to have Postal Services weigh and apply postage. The charges are applied directly to your specified Oracle account. A Universal Requisition form must accompany all mailings. Please be sure the form contains a valid account number and an authorized signature. Incomplete forms may delay the processing of your mail.

When using the #10 envelopes for outgoing mail, you may seal the envelopes, or you may overlap the flaps of the envelopes and let the postage machine seal them.

If #10 envelopes are neither sealed nor overlapped when received, they will be returned to you for proper preparation. Envelopes larger than #10 must be sealed prior to sending to the Post Office.

Personal Mail

Do not use the Carnegie Mellon mail services for outgoing personal mail, as this will overload the mail system. If you are sending personal mail, you will need to attach the proper postage or the mail will be returned. Do not list Carnegie Mellon as a return address for personal mail and do not use Carnegie Mellon envelopes for sending personal mail.

Stamps can be purchased at the University Center Post Office.