Incoming Mail-Postal Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Incoming Mail

Mail that is sent to a Carnegie Mellon address is processed by the University Post Office. The official university address is

     Carnegie Mellon University
     5000 Forbes Avenue
     Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Incoming Mail Addressed to the University

It is the function of the University Post Office to process, sort, and deliver official Carnegie Mellon business mail and/or packages. All incoming mail and packages received by the Post Office that is business-related will be delivered to each department once per day. Postal Services also offers Special Delivery service. Please see our Policies for more information on special delivery.

Personal Mail

Please avoid using the Carnegie Mellon mail services for incoming personal mail, as this will overload the university mail system. Also, please do not use Carnegie Mellon as a return address for personal mail. Unfortunately, the number of Carnegie Mellon employees receiving personal mail through the system is growing and becoming unmanageable. This significantly stretches the resources normally dedicated to university-related packages. In most cases where personal packages are received, the mail couriers and delivery staff must make additional and repetitive trips to buildings and offices. For these reasons, the Post Office strongly urges you to have personal packages sent to your home address.

Please see our Policies for more information on incoming mail.