READ at CMU, 2000-2013-Posner Center - Carnegie Mellon University

READ at CMU, 2000-2013

Exhibit by the University Libraries, University Advancement,
& the President's Office
Summer 2013

In 2000, Dean of University Libraries Gloriana St. Clair launched a series of greeting cards that she used throughout her tenure for informal correspondence and semi-annual outreach to colleagues and friends. Modeled on the American Library Association's long-running READ campaign, which champions books and reading and features popular celebrities, St. Clair's READ initiative featured members of the university community with their favorite books. Beginning with university President Jared Cohon and his wife Maureen, READ honorees have included trustees and administrators, deans, donors, faculty members and students. Along with the cards, St. Clair also produced limited edition READ posters as gifts for the honorees and to display in the Libraries. This exhibit celebrated St. Clair’s READ series and its many participants, with particular acknowledgment of St. Clair and Cohen, both of whom stepped down from their positions in summer 2013. Their favorite books and some READ selections from the Posner Memorial Collection were among items displayed. 

READ posterWealth of Nations title page

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Three Sheets to the Wind: Sailors Disrupting Society

Exhibit by Juliann Reineke, Posner Center intern