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POLICY TITLE: Policy on Student Privacy Rights

DATE OF ISSUANCE: This policy was originally issued in August 1976. The most recent revisions were approved by the President's Council on May 15, 2001. This policy is issued to the campus community every year in the Undergraduate Catalog.

ACCOUNTABLE DEPARTMENT/UNIT: Enrollment Services. Questions about policy content should be directed to the University Registrar’s Office, ext. 8-7404.

ABSTRACT: This policy notifies students of their rights under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Policy on Student Privacy Rights

Policy Statement

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), you have the right to:

1. Inspection

What are education records?

Education records are records maintained by the university that are directly related to students. These include biographic and demographic data, application materials, course schedules, grades and work-study records. The term does not include:

How do I inspect my education records?

2. Amendment

How do I amend my educational records?

3. Hearing

How do I request a hearing?

How will the hearing be conducted?

4. Disclosure

Carnegie Mellon generally will not disclose personally identifiable information from your education records without your consent except for directory information and other exceptions specified by law.

What is directory information?

Directory information is personally identifiable information of a general nature that may be disclosed without your consent, unless you specifically request the university not to do so. It is used for purposes like compiling campus directories.

If you do not want your directory information to be disclosed, you must notify the University Registrar’s Office, in writing, within the first 15 days of the semester.

Notifying the University Registrar’s Office covers only the disclosure of centralized records. Members of individual organizations such as fraternities, sororities, athletics, etc. must also notify those organizations to restrict the disclosure of directory information.

Carnegie Mellon has defined directory information as the following:

·         email user id and address

(User ids cannot be completely suppressed from our electronic systems. While it may be possible to suppress the association of an individual's name with their user id, doing so may adversely impact the delivery of electronic mail or other electronic services.)

For students participating in intercollegiate athletics, directory information also includes:

What are the other exceptions?

Under FERPA, Carnegie Mellon may release personally identifiable information from your education records without your prior consent to:

5. Complaints

If you believe the university has not complied with FERPA, you can file a complaint with the:

Family Policy Compliance Office
Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, S.W.
Washington, DC 20202-4605

Footnote:  Your Carnegie Mellon GUID (global user identification) number is also designated as directory information under FERPA, but does not contain personally identifiable information and therefore cannot be used by itself to determine your identity or to access your records.

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