POLICY TITLE: Masterís Student Statute of Limitations

DATE OF ISSUANCE: March 27, 2012


ACCOUNTABLE DEPARTMENT/UNIT: University Registrarís Office. Address specific questions about your status to your home department/school. Questions on general policy content should be directed to, 412-268-8250.


ABSTRACT: Policy covers time to degree limits on masterís degrees.

This rule will apply to all Masterís students matriculating at Carnegie Mellon University beginning in Fall 2012.


Students will complete all requirements for the masterís degree within a maximum of seven years from original matriculation as a masterís student, or less if required by a more restrictive department, school or college policy.Once this time-to-degree limit has lapsed, the person may resume work towards a masterís degree only if newly admitted to a currently offered masterís degree program under criteria determined by that program.


Underextenuating circumstances, such as leave of absence, military or public service, family or parental leave, or temporary disability, a college/school may, upon the relevant department's recommendation and with the written approval of the dean (or designate), defer the lapse for a period commensurate with the duration of that interruption. Students who are pursuing the masterís degree as part-time students for all semesters of their program, as approved by their program, may also appeal to their program or department for extension of the time to degree limit.