Staff Handbook: A Human Resources Guide

ABSTRACT: Table of Contents and Index for the Staff Handbook: A Human Resources Guide.

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Staff Handbook: A Human Resources Guide Table of Contents

About This Guide, Volume I

1. About This Guide

6. Policy Against Sexual Harassment

2. Carnegie Mellon: An Overview

6a. Sexual Harassment Hotline

3. History of Carnegie Mellon University

6b. Sexual Harassment Policy Coordinators

4. Human Resources

6c. Principles

5. Affirmative Action

6d. Sexual Harassment Advisors


6e. Responsibility of Supervisors


6f. Informal Procedures


6g. Formal Complaint


6h. Sanctions

Employment Status, Volume II

1. Our Expectations

3c. Conflict of Interest/Commitment

2. Hours of Work

3d. University Property

2a. Full-time/Part-time Status

3e. No Solicitation - No Distribution Policy

2b. Work Schedules/Attendance

3f. Personnel Records

2c. Flexible Working Hours

3g. Changes in Personal Information

2d. Meal Periods and Breaks

3h. Employment Date

2e. Emergency Closings

3i. Termination of Employment

3. General Employment Policies & Procedures

3j. Unsatisfactory Work Performance

3a. Provisional Period

3k. Other Involuntary Terminations

3b. Intellectual Property Policy

3l. Layoff


3m. Reasonable Accommodations for Disabilities

Compensation, Volume III

1. Pay Administration

3. Exempt/Nonexempt Status

1a. Staff Pay Guidelines

3a. Criteria

1b. Pay Ranges

3b. Time Records

1c. Annual Review

3c. Scheduled Hours and Overtime

1d. Employment Eligibility Verification

4. Position Classification

2. Your Pay

4a. Position Descriptions

2a. Your Paycheck

4b. Classification Policy

2b. Income Taxes

4c. Reclassification or Job Evaluation Review

2c. Docking of Pay

4d. Reclassification or Job Evaluation Appeals

2d. Garnishment of Pay

4e. Position Upgrade or Promotion

2e. Payroll Advances

4f. Lateral Change

2f. Lost Paycheck


Time Off & Leaves, Volume IV

1. Holidays

4a. Eligibility and Leave Benefits

5d. Benefits Provided while on Family and Medical Leave

2. Paid Time Off

4b. Length of Disability Leave

5e. Job Restoration after a Family and Medical Leave

2a. Eligibility and PTO Calculation

4c. Applying for a Disability Leave

5f. Using Family and Medical Leave with Other Policies

2b. Unused PTO Carryover

4d. Benefits Provided while on Disability Leave

6. Leaves of Absence Related to Pregnancy

2c. Reserve Sick Days

4e. Job Restoration After a Disability Leave

7. Personal Leave

2d. Limitations

5. Family and Medical Leave

8. Military Leave

2e. Prior Service Vacation Benefits

5a. Eligibility and Leave Entitlement

9. Jury Duty Leave

3. Workers' Compensation

5b. Length of Family and Medical Leave

10. Bereavement Leave

4. Disability Leave of Absence

5c. Applying for Family and Medical Leave

11. Further Information

Leaves of Absence Chart

Work and Family Chart


Staff Development, Volume V.

1. Transfer & Promotion Opportunities

3. Employee Assistance Program

1a. Employment Services

3a. Summary of Services

1b. Learning about Job Openings

3b. Self-Referral

1c. Applying for a Transfer

3c. Supervisory Referral

1d. When You Are Offered a Transfer

3d. Family Member Assistance

2. Educational Opportunities

3e. Time Off for Counseling

2a. Tuition Benefit Programs

3f. Release of Information

2b. Learning and Development


Staff Relations, Volume VI

1. Receiving Feedback About Your Work Performance

4. Disciplinary Guidelines

2. Solving Work-Related Problems at Carnegie Mellon through Informal Channels

4a. Constructive Feedback

2a. Your Supervisor

4b. Verbal Warning

2b. Human Resources Representatives

4c. Written Warning

2c. Additional Resources

4d. Probation

3. Staff Grievance Procedure: A Formal Process for Resolving Work Related Problems

4e. Suspension

3a. Filing a Grievance

4f. Employment Termination

3b. Steps in the Grievance Procedure


3c. Selection of the Grievance Panel


3d. Operation of the Grievance Panel


Staff Services, Volume VII

1. Athletic Facilities

5c. Cluster Services

9. Health Services

2. Campus Events

5d. Computer Accounts

10. The HUB

3. Campus Police

5e. Computer Education

10a. Employee ID Card

4. Campus Services

5f. Computer Operations

10b. Sponsored ID Card

4a. Child Care

5g. Computer Repair

11. Human Resources

4a1. The Children's School

5h. Computer Store

12. Libraries

4a2. Cyert Center for Early Education

5i. Help, Documentation and Information

12a. SEI Library

4b. Parking Services

5j. Instructional Technology

12b. University Libraries

4c. Postal Services

5k. Technology Enhanced Learning Lab (TELab)

13. Pittsburgh Employers Activities Association (PEAA)

4d. Retail Services

5l. Telecommunications

14. Publications

5. Computing Services

6. Credit Union

15. Staff Council

5a. Applications Software

7. Dining Services

16. Women's Center

5b. Campus Networking

8. Faculty/Staff Directory


Staff Handbook: A Human Resources Guide Index



Absence from work

Advance, pay

Affirmative action policy


Annual increases

Appraisal, performance

Athletic facilities


Audio-visual equipment (see Instructional Technology)


Benefits eligibility

Bereavement leave



COBRA (see Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act)

Campus events

Campus Police

Campus Services

Campus stores

Career counseling

Carnegie, Andrew

Carnegie Mellon history

Carnegie Mellon mission

Carnegie Mellon News

Child care

Classification policy

Classified positions

Compensatory time

Computer education

Computer repair

Computer Store

Computing Services

Conflict of interest

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)


Credit Union



Deductions, pay

Dining Services

Direct deposit

Disabilities, reasonable accommodation for

Disability leave of absence

Disciplinary guidelines

Disciplinary letters

Disciplinary records

Docking of pay

Doctor's Statement


8 1/12 by 11 News

Emergency closings

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employment date

Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9

Employment services

Equal employment opportunity

Escort service

Exempt status


FICASee Federal Insurance Contributions Act

FLSASee Fair Labor Standards Act

FMLA See Family and Medical Leave Act

Faculty/Staff Directory

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA)

First Aid

Flexible work schedules policy

Floating holidays


Food service

Form I-9

Full-time regular positions

Full-time temporary positions



Grievance Panel

Grievance procedure

Grievance statement


Health Service

History of Carnegie Mellon


Hours of work

HUB, The

Human Resources


Identification card

Illness, reporting

Income tax

Injuries, work


Instructional Technology

Intellectual Property

Involuntary termination


Job evaluation review

Job Information Line

Job openings

Job posting policy

Jury duty leave


Lateral change


Learning and development


Long-term disability

Lost and found

Lunch breaks


Meal period

Military leave

Mission statement


No solicitation-no distribution policy

Nonexempt criteria

Notice Requirements



Overtime, approval of

Overtime pay calculation

Overtime pay requirements


PDF See Position Description Form

PEAA See Pittsburgh Employees Activity Association

PTO See Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off (PTO)


Part-time regular

Part-time temporary


Paycheck, lost

Pay day

Pay deductions

Performance review

Personal counseling

Personal information, changes to

Personal leave

Personnel records


Pittsburgh Employees Activities Association

Position Description Form (PDF)

Position upgrade

Post Office

Pregnancy-related leaves

Problem performance


Property searches

Provisional period



RSDs See Reserve sick days

Reclassification, job

Recreation activities

Regular full-time positions

Regular part-time positions

Reserve sick days


Resume, assistance in preparation

Retail services


Salary adjustments

Salary guidelines for classified positions

Severance pay

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment Advisory Panel

Sexual harassment grievance procedure

Short-term disability

Social Security tax

Software Engineering Institute Library

Solicitation policy

Staff Council

Staff grievance procedure



The Tartan

Temporary full-time postions

Temporary part-time postions

Termination of Employment

Time records

Transfer opportunities

Tuition benefits


University property

Unsatisfactory work performance


Vacation. See Paid Time Off (PTO)

Verbal warning

Visa status

Voluntary termination


Weather emergencies

Withholdings and deductions

Women's Center

Work injuries, reporting

Work performance feedback

Work-related problems

Work schedules

Written reprimand

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