Carnegie Mellon Memo

Office of the Provost

TO: Academic Deans and Department Heads
FROM: Paul Christiano
DATE: 28 August 1997
SUBJECT: English Fluency Certification Form

In order to ensure compliance with Pennsylvania law and Carnegie Mellon University policy, the attached Certification Form for Pennsylvania English Fluency in Higher Education Law must be completed for all instructional faculty, including all graduate teaching assistants and teaching interns. State law requires the university to guarantee that all instuctors of undergraduate students have demonstrated proficiency in English. In addition, Carnegie Mellon policy extends this to include instructors of graduate students. The back of the form provides a summary of the requirements.

Faculty members who are nonnative speakers of English must be interviewed by their dean, department head or another faculty member before being certified. If you need help with this interview, the Intercultural Communication Center is available to help with the interview. They can also work with faculty who need to strengthen pronunciation, fluency or their understanding of the American classroom.

Please complete a copy of the attached form for all instructional personnel in your department, including native English-speakers, who have not been certified previously. Return completed forms to the Provost's Office promptly.

The penalty for non-compliance is a $10,000 fine for each course taught by a non-certified instructor, to be paid by the offending department. To avoid any penalties for your department, it is important that you send the Provost's Office accurate, complete information as soon as possible.

Thank you for assisting us in maintaining the university's compliance with this law.

Summary of Policy on Evaluation and Certification of English Fluency for Instructors

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