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TITLE: Summary of Carnegie Mellon University Policy on Evaluation and Certification of English Fluency for Instructors

ACCOUNTABLE DEPARTMENT/UNIT: Office of the Provost. General questions on policy content should be directed to the Provost's Office, ext. 8-2135. For specific questions regarding certification, contact the Intercultural Communication Center, ext. 8-4979.

ABSTRACT: The English Fluency in Higher Education Act of 1990 requires all institutions of higher education in Pennsylvania to evaluate and certify the English language fluency of their instructional faculty.

FORMS: Certification form.

Summary of how the Carnegie Mellon policy satisfies the Pennsylvania English Fluency in Higher Education Act

(Note: CMU policy requires the International Teaching Assistant Test for TAs of both graduate as well as undergraduate classes.)

(Note: CMU policy requires non-native speaking TAs to take the International Teaching Assistant Test and score at least a Restricted II before being allowed to work one-on-one with students).

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