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POLICY TITLE: Carnegie Mellon Data and Computer Security (Confidentiality of Administrative Data)

DATE OF ISSUANCE: This policy was originally issued in May 1990 as Chapter 1, Volume 7 of the Carnegie Mellon Policy Library. The information in this policy was most recently updated in April 2001.

ACCOUNTABLE DEPARTMENT/UNIT: Computing Services. Questions on policy content should be directed to Joel Smith, Vice Provost and CIO, x8-2649,

ABSTRACT: This policy secures and protects administrative data in university-owned computing systems and addresses broader issues of the rights and responsibilities of authorized persons in the handling, as well as the security and protection, of university data.

Data and Computer Security
(Confidentiality of Administrative Data)


In December 2008, the President’s Council approved a new university-wide Information Security Policy, officially replacing the above-titled policy.  The new Information Security Policy can be found at:


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