Shuttle and Escort Policies-University Police - Carnegie Mellon University

Shuttle and Escort Service: Policies

  • A valid CMU identification card is required to ride any CMU shuttle or escort bus. Any passenger with a valid identification card can ride any bus at any time.  University of Pittsburgh affiliates can also ride any CMU shuttle bus with a valid Pitt identification card.
  • One (1) guest can ride with any CMU affiliate who exhibits a valid ID card.
  • Passengers are required to present their CMU identification card to the driver each time they board a shuttle or escort bus.
  • Drivers will only pick up or drop off passengers at designated shuttle or escort stops. This is a safety and liability policy that is strictly enforced.
  • Alcoholic beverages, open food or beverage containers, bicycles, furniture, and pets are not permitted on any CMU shuttle or escort vehicle.
  • Due to space restrictions, only one (1) piece of luggage per passenger is permitted on any CMU shuttle or escort vehicle. Exceptions may be permitted by drivers based on safety and seating considerations. That decision is made solely by the driver and is not subject to debate or change.
  • All riders must wear appropriate attire when riding a CMU shuttle or escort bus. For health and safety reasons, individuals without footwear will not be permitted to board a CMU shuttle or escort bus. No roller blades or spiked athletic shoes are permitted on shuttle/escort buses.
  • Riders who choose to wait inside buildings at designated shuttle or escort stops due to safety concerns or inclement weather must be prepared to board immediately upon the arrival of the bus. All drivers are on a time schedule and will not wait for stragglers.
  • Riders who reside within the designated "no escort zone" of a shuttle route are not permitted to use the escort service when that shuttle is in operation. The A, B, and AB shuttle routes have a "no escort zone" which is considered to be two (2) blocks on either side of that shuttle route. The purpose of this policy is to alleviate overcrowding on the escort buses whenever possible. In the event that a passenger mistakenly boards an escort bus when an appropriate shuttle bus is available for their desired area, the escort driver will direct the passenger to the nearest shuttle stop.
  • It is important that passengers speak loudly and clearly when speaking to the drivers when giving their destinations. It is very difficult for the drivers to hear above the engine noise and other passenger noise.
  • CMU shuttle and escort drivers are very dedicated public safety employees who work long hours and often drive in aderse conditions to get their passengers to their destinations. Please treat them with the respect and courtesy they deserve.