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EFFECTIVE MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2013, AT 6:30 P.M. - The following escort stop relocations will be in effect:

  • The Hamburg Hall escort stop will be relocated from directly in front of Hamburg Hall to a location on the sidewalk 85 ft. further east on Forbes Avenue. The new stop is identified by an "Escort" sign affixed to a pole which is located on the grassy area between the sidewalk and Hamburg Hall.
  • The Margaret Morrison Street escort stop will be relocated from the area of the food trucks to approximately 100 Ft. south to the entrance of the "Runway". The stop is identified by an escort stop sign affixed to a pole.

EFFECTIVE MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2013, AT 7:15 A.M. - There will be a new PTC shuttle stop.  The PTC shuttle will now stop near the intersection of Greenfield Avenue and Overlook Drive in Schenley Park. The exact location of the new stop will be at the red and white fire plug which is located on the sidewalk approximately 100 ft. south of Overlook Drive. The shuttle will arrive at the new stop within 7 to 10 minutes after leaving the main campus on its normal trip to the PTC. Due to safety concerns, there will not be a return stop in that area. Passengers leaving the PTC must ride the shuttle to a designated campus stop and transfer to another CMU shuttle/escort or Port Authority bus for conveyance to Squirrel Hill and other areas.

NEW TRACKING SYSTEM - The Graduate Student Assembly, Student Senate, and the Office of Campus Affairs have collaborated with the University Police Department to implement a new campus shuttle and escort tracking service for riders.  The service, provided by Ride Systems, enables users to track campus shuttle and escort locations at  The website offers a map to view the shuttles and escorts moving in real time, bus arrival time estimates for each stop, and updates from the University Police Department. Riders can track shuttles on all available routes--A, B, AB, Bakery Square (long), Bakery Square (short), and PTC--and on all escort color zone routes.

In addition to the website, riders are able to access this information from the Ride Systems iPhone or Android app. For riders without a smartphone, "andysbuses" with the stop number can be texted to the number 41411 for bus arrival time estimates (e.g., "andysbuses5" for the next arrival time at stop number 5).

Stop #


1 Morewood Gardens Turn-around
2 Forbes Avenue at South Craig Street
3 South Dithridge Street at Winthrop Street
5 North Dithridge at Bayard Street
6 North Dithridge at Centre Avenue 
7 Centre Avenue at Melwood Avenue
8 Centre Avenue at North Neville Street
9 Centre Avenue at Devonshire Street
10 Centre Avenue at Morewood Avenue
11 Centre Avenue at Cypress Street
12 Centre Avenue at South Aiken Avenue
13 Centre Avenue at South Negley Avenue
14 South Negley Avenue at Ellsworth Avenue
15 South Negley Avenue at Elmer Street
16 South Negley Avenue at Walnut Street
17 South Negley Avenue at Howe Street
18 South Negley Avenue at Fifth Avenue
19 Fifth Avenue at Bellfonte Street
20 Fifth Avenue at South Aiken Avenue
21 Fifth Avenue at Wilkins Avenue
24 North Dithridge Street at Fifth Avenue 
25 South Negley Avenue at East Busway
26 Centre Avenue at South Euclid Avenue
27 Penn Circle South at Trade Street
28 Penn Circle South at Shakespeare St
29 Shady Ave at Marchand St
30 Shady Ave at Walnut Street
31 Shady Ave at Howe Street
32 Shady Ave at Fifth Ave
33 Fith Ave at Emerson St
34 Fith Ave at South Highland St
35 Fifth Ave at College Ave
36 Fifth Ave at Maryland Ave
37 Fifth Ave at South Negley Ave
38 Ellsworth Ave at Bellefonte St
39 Ellsworth Ave at Ivy St
40 Ellsworth Ave at South Negley St
41 University Center Turn-Around
42 Forbes at Murdoch
43 Wightman at Bartlett
44 Beacon St. at Wightman
45 Beacon St at Murray Ave
46 Shady Ave at Beacon St
47 Fifth Ave at Beechwood Blvd
48 Google at Bakery Square
49 Bigelow Blvd at Forbes Ave
50 Fifth Ave at Emerson St
51 CIC
52 Fifth Avenue at Amberson Avenue
53 Frew St at Tech St
54 Scaife Hall
55 PTC
56 300 South Craid
57 Frew St
58 Tech St & Frew
59 Margaret Morrison Plaza
60 Forbes Ave (Univ Center)
61 Morewood E-Tower
62 Forbes Avenue (Hamburg Hall)
63 Frew Street (Porter Hall)
64 Greenfield Bridge at Alger Street
65 Greenfield Avenue at Winterburn Avenue
66 Greenfield at Lydia Street
67 Greenfield Avenue at Lydia Street
68 Greenfield Avenue at Winterburn Avenue 
69 Greenfield Bridge
70 Filmore St. 
71 Target
72 Shady Ave at Ellsworth


CMU Shuttle Service: The Carnegie Mellon shuttle service is a fixed-route, fixed-stop transporation option which is available to all CMU students, faculty, and staff. Shuttle buses are assigned to different geographical areas which surround Carnegie Mellon. Presently, there are shuttle services to the Oakland and Shadyside areas. The Shadyside service extends to Shady Avenue and is an option for affiliates wishing to visit the East Liberty business, restaurant, and shopping area. The night time "C" Squirrel Hill shuttle has been discontinued due to lack of significant ridership and has been replaced by an additional Squirrel Hill escort.

We also provide daily, roundtrip service from campus to Bakery Square (Google headquarters) and the Pittsburgh Technology Center. The Bakery Square shuttle operates ten hours a day on weekdays. The PTC shuttle operates 16 hours a day during the week and ten hours a day during the weekend. Effective August 6, 2012, the PTC will traverse Greenfield Avenue to provide a transporation option to campus for CMU affiliates who reside in the Greenfield area.

Please refer to the Shuttle/Escort Policies page for a complete explanation of all policies and rules governing the operation and use of the shuttle services.

Refer to the route links for specific route schedules and stops.

CMU Escort Service: The CMU escort service is a transportation option that services the geographical areas surrounding Carnegie Mellon that include Squirrel Hill, Shadyside, and Oakland. This is an evening and night time service that operates from 6:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. The mission of the escort service is to get CMU community members home safely by transporting them to the intersection nearest their residence. Service is limited to a 1.5 mile radius of the main campus. The escort service is to be utilized exclusively as a means to get to one's residence. It is not available as a transportation option to get to campus or other locations.

Please refer to the shuttle/escort policies page for a complete explanation of all policies and rules governing the operation and use of the escort services.


Any riders who live within a designated shuttle route, must use the shuttles while they are in operation. 

If an escort driver determines that an escort rider lives within close proximity to a shuttle route, the driver will instruct the rider to utilize the appropriate shuttle route.


Follow AndysBuses on Twitter, for instant updates on interruptions, delays, and other important information.


CLICK HERE: For a list of the CMU Shuttle and Escort Policies

CLICK HERE:For additional transportation options that are free for CMU students, faculty, and staff. CMU ID REQUIRED