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CMU Shuttle Service: The Carnegie Mellon shuttle service is a fixed-route, fixed-stop transporation option which is available to all CMU students, faculty, and staff. Shuttle buses are assigned to different geographical areas which surround Carnegie Mellon. Presently, there are shuttle services to the Oakland and Shadyside areas. The Shadyside service extends to Shady Avenue and is an option for affiliates wishing to visit the East Liberty business, restaurant, and shopping area. The night time "C" Squirrel Hill shuttle has been discontinued due to lack of significant ridership and has been replaced by an additional Squirrel Hill escort.

We also provide daily, roundtrip service from campus to Bakery Square (Google headquarters) and the Pittsburgh Technology Center. The Bakery Square shuttle operates ten hours a day on weekdays. The PTC shuttle operates 16 hours a day during the week and ten hours a day during the weekend. Effective August 6, 2012, the PTC will traverse Greenfield Avenue to provide a transporation option to campus for CMU affiliates who reside in the Greenfield area.

Please refer to the Shuttle/Escort Policies page for a complete explanation of all policies and rules governing the operation and use of the shuttle services.

Refer to the route links for specific route schedules and stops.

CMU Escort Service: The CMU escort service is a transportation option that services the geographical areas surrounding Carnegie Mellon that include Squirrel Hill, Shadyside, and Oakland. This is an evening and night time service that operates from 6:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. The mission of the escort service is to get CMU community members home safely by transporting them to the intersection nearest their residence. Service is limited to four (4) designated zones (GREEN, BLUE, RED,YELLOW) surrounding the main campus. (SEE MAP) The escort service is to be utilized exclusively as a means to get to one's residence. It is not available as a transportation option to get to campus or other locations.

Please refer to the shuttle/escort policies page for a complete explanation of all policies and rules governing the operation and use of the escort services.


Any riders who live within a designated shuttle route, must use the shuttles while they are in operation. 

If an escort driver determines that an escort rider lives within close proximity to a shuttle route, the driver will instruct the rider to utilize the appropriate shuttle route.


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CLICK HERE: For a list of the CMU Shuttle and Escort Policies

CLICK HERE:For additional transportation options that are free for CMU students, faculty, and staff. CMU ID REQUIRED