New Service-University Police - Carnegie Mellon University


Effective at 6:30 P.M. on Monday, 1/14/13, the Escort Division of the Shuttle/Escort will be providing transportation service from the 300 South Craig St. escort stop to the University Center escort stop and from all main campus escort stops  to the 300 South Craig St escort stop.  The purpose of offering this additional service is to provide a safe means for CMU community members to get back and forth from the Craig St. corridor to the main campus during the evening and night time hours.  This service will be provided from 6:30 P.M. until  3:30 A.M. seven days a week.  The following conditions will apply and must be adhered to in order for this service to be effective and efficient:

  • Service from the 300 South Craig St. escort stop to campus will only be provided by the Squirrel Hill escort buses (Yellow and Red Zones).  These buses stop at the 300 South Craig St. stop first before proceeding to all the campus escort stops.  All passengers must disembark at the University Center escort stop so as not to take up seating for passengers who will be boarding at all the other campus stops for normal transportation to the Squirrel Hill area.
  • Service from the main campus escort stops to the 300 South Craig St. escort stop will only be provided by the Shadyside (Blue Zone) and Oakland (Green Zone) escort buses.    These buses stop at all campus escort stops before proceeding to the 300 South Craig St. escort stop.
  • This service is being provided on a test basis for the Spring, 2013 semester.  The offering of this service goes beyond the normal parameters and purpose of Escort which is to safely convey passengers from campus to the intersection nearest their residence.  Please bear in mind that escort is not to be used as transportation from one part of the main campus to another.
  • The idea for this additional service came from the Escort drivers who are always looking for new ways to safely transport our community members.  Always make the safety of you and your fellow community members your first priority.    Never walk alone at night.  Walk in groups or use our Shuttle/Escort services, public or private transportation or Safewalk.  And finally, immediately report any suspicious or threatening activity that you see or encounter to the CMUPD at 412-268-2323.  Doing so may keep you or someone else from harm.