Safety Tips-University Police - Carnegie Mellon University

Safety Tips

Carnegie Mellon University is committed to maintaining a safe environment for all the members of our community. Carnegie Mellon University Police Officers and Security Guards regularly patrol university property and surrounding areas.

  • Show a confident attitude and be alert and aware of your surroundings. Follow common sense safety precautions at all times.
  • Avoid walking alone at night. Walk with a group; utilize Shuttle and Escort Services, or Safewalk.
  • Always use crosswalks and pedestrian crossing signals to cross streets.
  • Always keep your doors locked (residence, office, and vehicle). Never prop open doors - this is an invitation for trespassers.
  • Keep doors of rooms and vehicles locked.
  • Never let other people use your keys, CMU ID Cards, or building access cards to anyone.
  • Immediately report all maintenance problems, such as broken locks and windows.

  • Never allow people to "piggy-back" or enter buildings after you gain access.

  • Identify all valuables, and register computers and bicycles with University Police.

  • Especially for women, University Police offers Rape Aggression Defense classes.
  • Always use secure locks on lockers and bicycles (U-Locks).
  • Always remove valuable items from your parked vehicles.
  • Never leave your personal items (computers, books, electronics, etc.) unattended.
  • Report all suspicious activity to University Police at 412-268-2323 (8x2323).

Keep informed, always pay attention to information pertaining to recent crime and safety issues. News of crime incidents on or near campus, are reported on the University Police Website at and through Crime Alerts which are posted around campus.

If you are a crime victim, report the crime to the police as soon as possible.   Detailed descriptions of the suspects are invaluable to police officers and investigators, as are details such a license plate numbers or types or vehicles.

         Safety Tips Flyer

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