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Reporting a Crime

It is critically important that all crimes occurring on campus be immediately reported to University Police to ensure that appropriate action is taken. Crimes occurring on campus or in/on off-campus buildings and property can be reported at any time of day or night seven days a week:

  • In person, at the University Police station at 300 South Craig Street, Pittsburgh PA 15213 OR
  • By calling University Police at 412-268-2323 or using one of the 72 "Emergency" Phones on campus.

When you call University Police to report a crime, either one that is in progress (i.e., happening right now) or that has already occurred, remember the Who, What, When, Where & How rule.Tell the police dispatcher:

  • Who you are
  • What happened based on what you know or what a victim of or witness to the crime has told you
  • When approximately the crime occurred
  • Where it occurred (exact address, building name, room number, etc.) and where you are calling from (if different from the crime scene)
  • How it occurred (e.g., entry gained through a window or door)

A University Police officer will respond as soon as possible, depending on the priority of the crime you are reporting and the availability of a police officer to respond. If a security guard is near your location when your call is received at the Communications Center, he/she may arrive first and render whatever immediate aid or assistance you require until a police officer arrives to take a report.University Police take a report of all crimes that occur within our jurisdiction with one exception. Reports of stolen motor vehicles are immediately referred to the Emergency Operations Center of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police. University Police will take an internal report of the incident, but City Police will be responsible for taking the "official" crime report and entering the specifics about a stolen vehicle into the FBI's National Criminal Information Center (NCIC) computer system. Auto Thefts and stranger rapes are reported to and investigated by Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.