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Police Emergency Phones

There are 72 police emergency phones located around campus. Without dialing, the caller is immediately in contact with the University Police. The location of the call is automatically recorded and response is immediate. University Police may also be reached by calling 412-268-2323, or dialing 8-2323 on any campus phone.

When you call give the following information:

  • Your location
  • The nature of the emergency, and
  • Be prepared to respond to the dispatcher's questions or instructions


In response to your call, the dispatcher will send police, fire or emergency medical personnel to your location as soon as possible.


View Emergency Phone Location Map

Building Name Location
300 South Craig Street
  • Corner of building, South Craig and Filmore Streets
Alumni House
  • On Forbes Ave. next to driveway
Baker Hall
  • At Frew St. sidewalk adjacent to Hunt Library
Boss House
  • Outside, near the steps at rear of building
Collaborative Innovation Center (CIC)
  • Top of steps to FMS, between CIC and Newell-Simon Hall
College of Fine Arts
  • Inside, top of steps to Room 416
  • Inside, third floor at elevator
  • Inside, mezzanine at north end of the building, tennis court side
  • Ground level entrance off parking lot, tennis court side
Cyert Hall
  • B-Level center and east stairwells
Doherty Hall
  • Outside the main entrance near clock
  • Inside, 2nd basement level near B-314 Display Case
  • D-level exterior wall,  next to emergency generator.
  • Level B patio, east end of building, at entrance door

  • Level C entrance, facing Gates Building

  • Level D entrance, facing Gates Building, by fire annunciator

  • Hallway outside room B314

  • East side of building, outside Envirochemical Engineering entrance, B-level

  • North side of building, outside Art Dept.  entrance, C-level

  • Loading dock
Doherty House
  • Outside, mounted on corner of "A" tower
  • Driveway entrance to upper parking lot.
Donner Hall
  • Rear of building at parking lot
  • Sidewalk west of IM Field
East Campus Garage
  • East end of garage, stadium side of building
  • Beeler Street entrance/exit
  • West end of garage, stadium side of building
Fraternity Quad/Mall
  • Outside, mounted on the wall at the exterior of the Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity
Gates and Hillman Centers

Gates Building

  • End of the Pausch Bridge, right at the entrance door
  • Ground level, beneath the Pausch Bridge
  • Gates Garage - 1st level, across from Parking office

  • Gates Garage - 2nd level, at stair entrance

  • Gates Garage - 2nd level, at bldg. entrance

  • Gates Garage - Top level, at stair entrance

Gesling Field
  • At scoreboard
Hamburg Hall
  • East entrance at rear of building
  • NW corner of the bldg, at the driveway entrance from Forbes Avenue courts
Hamerschlag Hall
  • Outside, on rear corner of "C" level, facing Scaife Hall
Hunt Library
  • Peace Garden at corner of Hunt Library
Margaret Morrison Apts
  • At plaza steps
  • Inside Laundromat 
Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall (MMCH)
  • Inside, first floor hallway at elevator
  • Outside Children's School exit facing the tennis
Mellon Institute
  • Inside third floor loading dock entrance, at Guard desk
  • Inside Library, fourth floor (NOTE: this is a desk phone)
Morewood Gardens
  • Corner of building at Health Center, parking lot side
  • Parking Lot: North end, at the entrance to the sidewalk pathway to Devonshire Road
  • Top of steps to "E" tower, Morewood Avenue
Mudge House
  • South entrance of the driveway 
  • Main entrance, facing Smith Hall
  • Inside, in the tunnel, at elevator
  • East entrance
Pittsburgh Technology Center (PTC)
  • Outside, at parking lot
Porter Hall
  • On sidewalk outside the Frew Street entrance, close to the driveway to Scaife
Purnell Center
  • On the exterior wall, loading dock entrance
  • On column at Forbes Avenue end of covered walkway
  • Mounted on the exterior wall, main entrance
Scobell Hall
  • Margaret Morrison Street, by driveway
Skibo Gymnasium
  • Inside, first floor just inside lower entrance on Frew Street side
  • Inside, basement hallway near Crew Room
Stever House
  • Rear of building
  • At driveway between Mudge and New House
Tepper School of Business
  • At garden at intersection of Tech and Frew streets
University Center:
  • East entrance (stadium end of building)
  • Inside, Lower Level across from elevators
  • Inside, Pool deck, outside women's locker room
  • South (tennis court) end of covered walkway
  • West (Cut) side of building at entrance
  • North (Forbes Ave.) end of covered walkway, at circle
Warner Hall
  • Cut side of the building
Wean Hall
  • Inside, fifth floor, at the main elevators
Woodlawn Apartments
  • Northeast corner of building facing Margaret Morrison Street

Emergency Phone 1

Emergency Phone 2