Lost and Found-University Police - Carnegie Mellon University

Lost and Found

The Carnegie Mellon University Police maintains a lost and found for the primary purpose of storing items recovered by Police Officers, Security Guards, and Escort Drivers located during the course of their duties. When a member of the University Police Department recovers an item, it is stored in Temporary Evidence, and then transferred to the Evidence room the next business day. Items that are recovered are not readily available for recovery, and must be released by the Departments Evidence Custodian. It is not recommended to drop items off at the University Police for pick up by the owner.

University Police is the primary custodian for all items of value found on university property. Items found by police employees or turned in by citizens are stored until the end of each semester. Unclaimed items having value or remaining use are donated to local charities. Unclaimed cash and currency are deposited in an appropriate university revenue account as determined by the vice president for enrollment.

If you lose an item, call University Police at 412-268-6232 or stop by our office at 300 South Craig Street. The University Center also maintains a Lost and Found at the Information Desk.