Fall/Spring Semesters-Dept of Physics - Carnegie Mellon University

Research during the Fall or Spring Semesters

Our undergraduate students participate in all research areas in the Department during the fall and spring semesters, either for credit or for pay.  For example, our physics majors have assisted faculty members with software development, helped in our laboratories, and one even spent a semester at the South Pole installing the Viper Telescope. Our research areas include:

Examples of recent undergraduate research projects:

  • Casimir Force: Measuring Vacuum Fluctuations
  • Deposition of Hydrophobic Materials from Drying Drops
  • Detector Development for High Energy Physics
  • Gravitational Fields of Topological Defects
  • Monte Carlo Simulations of Quasicrystals and Ferrofluids
  • Preparation, Characterization, and Properties of Buckyballs and Nanocrystals
  • RF Surface Impedance Studies of Type-I Superconductors
  • Silicon Vertex Detector Resolution Studies
  • Thermal Lensing
  • X-ray Scattering Experiments
  • Pulse Design in NMR Quantum Computing

Our undergraduates have attended scientific meetings, presented papers, and co-authored journal articles and patents. Recent examples include:

  • D.L. Reid, A.E. Russo, R.V. Carro, M.A. Stephens, A.R. LePage, T.C. Spalding, E.L. Peterson, S. Seal, “Nanoscale Additives Tailor Energetic Materials,” NANO LETTERS, V7, 7 p. 2157-61 (7/2007).
  • B.R. Trees, Y.H. Helal, J.S. Schiffrin, B.M. Siller, “Suppression of Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling in a Large Josephson Junction Coupled to a Resonator,” PHYSICAL REVIEW B V76, 22 Art 224513 (12/2007).
  • M. Debatin, M. Kroner, J. Mikosch, S. Trippel, N. Morrison, M. Reetz-Lamour, P. Woias, R. Wester, M. Weidemuller, “Planar Multipole Ion Trap,” PHYSICAL REVIEW A V77, 3 Art 033422 (3/2008).
  • A.I. Greenwood, J.J. Pan, T.T. Mills, J.F. Nagle, R.M. Epand, S. Tristram-Nagle, “CRAC Motif Peptide of the HIV-1 gp41 Protein Thins SOPC Membranes and Interacts with Cholesterol,” BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTABIOMEMBRANES  V1778, 4 p.1120-30 (4/2008).
Please first contact the Asst Head for Undergraduate Affairs, Kunal Ghosh, if you are interested in doing research during the semester with one of our faculty members.  He will assist you in finding a suitable faculty member and research project.