Undergraduate Program-Dept of Physics - Carnegie Mellon University

Undergraduate Program

Carnegie Mellon's undergraduate program in physics has been carefully designed to provide a firm knowledge of the basic principles of physics, an appreciation of a wide range of physical problems of current interest, and the capacity to formulate and solve new problems.  In addition to classwork and problem solving, the curriculum includes studying physical phenomena in the laboratory.  Physics students are strongly encouraged to go beyond the formal theoretical and experimental course work and become involved in research projects under the guidance of individual faculty members.

A complete description of the program and degree requirements can be found in the Dept of Physics Catalog. Other important features of our undergraduate program include undergraduate research, a strong support system for academic help and advising, an active community of social events and clubs, and resources to help you take the next step to industry or graduate school after completing the program.

Our friendly and dedicated Assistant Head of Undergraduate Affairs is always available to answer your questions, deal with your concerns, and offer advice when needed.  Help with enrollment, benefits, and other red tape is available from our Student Program Coordinator.  See "Contact Us".