Minor in Physics-Dept of Physics - Carnegie Mellon University

Minor in Physics

The Minor in Physics is designed to provide a solid foundation in physics at the introductory level, followed by elective courses which will familiarize the student with areas of modern physics, and the concepts and techniques employed therein.  The Physics minor requires seven courses of at least 9 units each, of which four are required and three are electives:

  • Required Courses
    • Introductory Physics I (one of 33-106, 33-111, 33-131)
    • Introductory Physics II (one of 33-107, 33-112, 33-132)
    • Physics III: Modern Essentials (33-211)
    • Experimental Physics (33-104)
  • Electives

The minor is open to all students of the university, although students with non-calculus based majors should be aware of the mathematics requirements for many physics courses (21-120, 122, 259).

For further details, see the Physics Dept Catalog.