Computing Facility-Dept of Physics - Carnegie Mellon University

Physics Department Computing Facility

Wean Hall 6332, Phone 412-268-4382
Manager: Al Brunk  412-268-2736

Cluster Overview

The Physics Department maintains a cluster of computers for research-oriented and general purpose computing by physics graduate students, faculty, staff and visitors. The cluster provides ready access to all major computer types. In addition, the cluster provides specialized equipment such as a scanner, color printing, backup devices and other useful features not generally available on individual computers.

Cluster Information

The cluster features more than a dozen Macintosh, Windows XP, and Unix/Linux computers. The Linux and other Unix computers are linked with CMU's Andrew System. We have a scanner, black & white laser printers, and a color laser printer. Detailed information on the specifications of individual computers and printers is available.

The software available includes standard networking and word processing tools, plus a wide variety of programs geared to scientific computing. The latter include programming languages such as fortran, C and pascal, symbolic computation programs maple and mathematica, subroutine libraries from numerical recipes and IMSL, and a variety of graphing and scientific visualization packages. We have complied a list of software we consider useful including information about how to use this software in the physics department cluster.

We ask users to note some guidelines governing use of the cluster. The purpose of these suggestions is to enhance the utility of the cluster for all users and to ensure equitable sharing of the resources.

A collection of frequently asked questions (and answers) for users of the physics department cluster.