Stephanie Tristram-Nagle-Dept of Physics - Carnegie Mellon University

Stephanie Tristram-Nagle

Research Professor, Physics

Office: Wean Hall 6415
Phone: 412-268-3174
Fax: 412-681-0648


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley


My research interests are in lipid membrane structure, properties and thermodynamics. Our Biophysics laboratory explores the structure of biological phospholipids, lipid/peptide and lipid/cholesterol mixtures using oriented samples on substrates and unoriented multilamellar or large unilamellar vesicles using X-ray diffuse scattering with a Rigaku rotating anode and CCD detector here at CMU, and with synchrotron radiation at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source.  The X-ray data yield not only structure, such as lipid area and membrane thickness, but also the bending and compression moduli of the membranes. I collaborate with molecular dynamics simulators to compare our structural results with simulated results. The second technique which yields lipid volume as a function of temperature is density equilibration, using D2O-H2O mixtures.  We also collect volume scans vs temperature with an Anton-Paar DMA 5000 M densimeter.

Selected Publications

  • J. F. Nagle, M. Jablin, S. Tristram-Nagle, Sugar Does Not Affect the Bending and Tilt Moduli of Simple Lipid Bilayers. Chem. Phys. Lipids 196, 76 (2016)
  • J. F. Nagle, K. Akabori, B. W. Treece, S. Tristram-Nagle, Determination of Mosaicity in Oriented Stacks of Lipid Bilayers, Soft Matter 12, 1884 (2016)
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  • Chris Neale, Kun Huang, Angel García, Stephanie Tristram-Nagle, Penetration of HIV-1 Tat47–57 into PC/PE Bilayers Assessed by MD Simulation and X-ray Scattering, Membranes 5, 473 (2015)
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