John Nagle-Dept of Physics - Carnegie Mellon University

John Nagle

Emeritus Professor, Physics

Office: Wean Hall 6420
Phone: 412-268-2764
Fax: 412-681-0648


Ph.D., Yale University


Research is in the area of biological physics. The particular systems under study are lipid bilayers, which form the structural basis of Biomembranes, with additives pertinent to Biomembranes. My studies focus on x-ray scattering, as well as theoretical modeling, statistical mechanical calculations and simulations, and volume measurements. The first goal is to obtain reliable data for basic structural properties. The second goal is to elucidate the interactions between bilayers. For biologically relevant fluid phase lipid bilayers, both goals involve measuring nanoscale fluctuations, which we do using synchrotron x-rays. A longer-range goal is to understand how the molecular interactions bring about the structure and the fluctuations.

Selected Publications