Arnold Engler-Dept of Physics - Carnegie Mellon University

Arnold Engler

Emeritus Professor, Physics

Office: Wean Hall 7410
Phone: 412-268-2777
Fax: 412-681-0648


Ph.D., University of Berne


Among the most important questions, in physics are the properties and the interactions of the three families of particles. The Colliding Beams group at Carnegie Mellon has over the past 16 years participated in the construction and operation of a giant detector to address this question. This detector, the largest of its kind, is situated at the LEP Collider at CERN, straddling the border between France and Switzerland, near Geneva. The observation that only three particle families exist has been answered by this detector. We have also studied in great detail the properties of the Zo, the neutral Intermediate Vector Boson.  We have also studied the properties of the charged Intermediate Vector Bosons W+ and W-.  The LEP detector is currently being dismantled to make room for the LHC, a new proton proton collider at CERN to search for the Higgs Boson.  Our group is participating in the design of a new detector to look for the Higgs particle.

Selected Publications