Richard Edelstein-Dept of Physics - Carnegie Mellon University

Richard Edelstein

Emeritus Professor, Physics

Office: Wean Hall 7410
Phone: 412-268-2760
Fax: 412-681-0648


Ph.D., Columbia University


Professor Edelstein retired in 2000 after a 40 year career at CMU during which time he was an experimentalist in the physics of subatomic particles. His research was performed at the Columbia University and Carnegie Tech Synchrocyclotrons, the Brookhaven AGS, the Argonne ZGS and at Fermilab.  The primary research topics covered were the following: muon capture by nuclei, diffraction dissociation and other two body hadronic scattering processes, coherent scattering of hadrons by complex nuclei, and properties of charm and beauty particles.

During recent years, as "Shogun" of Advising, he established a new and expanded program of advising for undergraduates which stressed intensive faculty involvement in students' academic careers and which was noteworthy for the increased success of our students in winning awards and scholarships at the local, national and even international level.

Selected Publications

  • Fermilab E653 Collaboration, K. Kodama et al., including R. M. Edelstein, A.P. Freyberger, D.B. Gibaut, R.J. Lipton, W.R. Nichols, D.M. Potter, J.S. Russ, C. Zhang, and Y. Zhang, Measurement of the Form Factor Ratios in the decay, D+K* (892)0 μ+ν, Physics Letters B 274, 246 (1992).
  • R. M. Edelstein et al., Measurement of the Coherent Dissociation Reaction p + A→ pπ+π- + A, Physical Review Letters 38, 185 (1977).
  • R. M. Sundelin and R. M. Edelstein, Neutron Asymmetries and Energy Spectra from Muon Capture in Si,S, Ca, Physical Review C 7, 1037 (1973).
  • R. M. Edelstein et al., Isobar Production and Elastic Scattering in p-p Interactions from 6-30 GeV/c, Physical Review D 5, 1073 (1972).