Degrees and awards presented at Commencement 2013-Dept of Physics - Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Degrees and awards presented at Commencement 2013

PITTSBURGH-Carnegie Mellon University is honored to present President Jared L. Cohon and alumnus Aron Ralston as keynote speakers for its 116th commencement ceremony, at 11 a.m., Sunday, May 19 in Gesling Stadium.

Cohon's address will culminate his 16-year tenure, in which he has led CMU to unprecedented success and growth as a global university. He will be stepping down as president on June 30.

Ralston's story of survival in Blue John Canyon 10 years ago has inspired millions. The Oscar-nominated Hollywood movie "127 Hours," is based on his book, "Between a Rock and a Hard Place." An outstanding scholar and influential student leader, Ralston graduated from CMU in 1997 with majors in mechanical engineering and French and a minor in piano performance.

The hooding ceremony for Doctor of Philosophy in Physics occurred during the evening of Saturday, May 18.  The distribution of diplomas took place in Wean Hall 7500 during the afternoon of Sunday, May 19.   The degrees in physics conferred during the ceremony are listed below.

Sergio de la Barrera (center) receives his Masters diploma from
Prof. Gregg Franklin (left) and Prof. Manfred Paulini (right).

Doctor of Philosophy in Physics

Ryan Anderson Booth
Thesis title: Inter- and Intra-particle Interactions in Magnetic Nanoparticle Systems
Advisor: Sara Majetich

Chien-Yi Chen
Thesis title: New Physics Beyond the Standard Model with Weakly-Interacting Particles
Advisor: Lincoln Wolfenstein

Colin Joseph DeGraf
Thesis title: Supermassive Black Holes in Cosmological Simulations
Advisor: Tiziana Di Matteo

Haw Zan Goh
Thesis title: Solid-Supported Lipid Membranes: Formation, Stability and Applications
Advisor: Mathias Loesche

Christopher M. Hefferan
Thesis title: Measurement of Annealing Phenomena in High Purity Metals with Near-field High Energy X-ray Diffraction Microscopy
Advisor: Robert M. Suter

Weihua Hu
Thesis title: Tip-based Nanofabrication Using Multi-mode Scanning Probe Microscopy
Advisor: David Ricketts

Chang-You Lin
Thesis title: Mean-field Density Functional Theory of a Three-phase Contact Line
Advisor: Robert Sekerka

Yueh-Feng Liu
Thesis title: Search for New Physics Using Events with Two Photons and Large Missing transverse Energy in p̅p Collisions at √s = 7 TeV
Advisor: Manfred Paulini

Duff Neill
Thesis title: Apply Effective Field Theory to Higgs Production and Renormalizing SCET II
Advisor: Ira Rothstein

Cem Yolcu
Thesis title: Effective Field Theory of Surface-mediated Forces in Soft Matter
Advisor: Markus Deserno

Master of Science in Physics

Sergio Cristian de la Barrera Noyes
Arun Kannawadi Jayaraman
Bai-Cian Ke
Paul La Plante
Ian Laflotte
David Benjamin Menasche
Amy Stetten
Tereza Vardanyan
Xin Wang

Lauren Beck (center) receives her Bachelors diploma from
Prof. Gregg Franklin (left) and Prof. Kunal Ghosh (right).

Bachelor of Science in Physics

Christopher L. Baldwin  (Biological Physics Track, Minor in Mathematical Sciences)
William K. Balunas  
George Bargoud  (Minor in Computer Science)
Lauren E. Beck  (Minor in Biomedical Engineering)
Zachary R. Benamram  
Gregory J. Bernero  
Mason E. Blaschak  (expected August 2013)
Alexander Lee Boscia   (Biological Physics Track)
Albert N. Brown  
Samuel Carp  (with BS in Mathematical Sciences)
Eric M. Chandler  (Minor in Professional Writing)
Vivian Liang Chang  (with BA in Hispanic Studies, Minor in Enviromental Science)
Caroline M. Colombo  (with BA in Art)
Nidhi P. Doshi  (with BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Nicholas C. Eminizer  (Minor in Chinese Studies)
David T. Fraebel  (Biological Physics Track)
Neil F. Goeckner-Wald  (with BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Shayanta Hasnat  (Computational Physics Track)
Young June Jhe  
Daniel John Kirby  
Russell Logan Kirmayer  (Applied Physics Track, Minor in Engineering Studies)
James E. Komianos  
Sean Parker MacGahan  
Linus V. Marchetti  (Applied Physics Track)
Taylor Ryan Merritt  
Amrit K. Narasimhan  (with BS in Materials Science and Engineering)
Tyler S. Nighswander  (with BS in Computer Science)
Nicolas A. Pabon  
Tyson I. Price  (with Minor in Mathematical Studies)
Jason W. Rocks  (Computational Physics Track)
Scott O. Shepard  
Graham L. Spicer  (with BS in Chemical Engineering, expected August 2013)
Rebecca L. Stabile  
Ruben Tarziu  
Colleen Elizabeth Treacy  (Chemical Physics Track)
Corinne E. Vassallo  (with BA in Music performance, expected May 2014)
Edward Thompson von Bevern  
Evan Walden  (with BS in Mechanical Engineering)
John Wu  (AstroPhysics Track)

Minor in Physics

John T. Bresson
Eric R. Chang
Eric Gottlieb
Elizabeth A. Keller
James T. Kiraly
Alejandro A. Martinez
Jesse R. Post
Thomas M. Prag
Lucas T. Ray
Johanne A. Rokholt
Yevgeniya Solyanik
Minghui Zhang

Jason Rocks (center) receives his Bachelors diploma from
Prof. Gregg Franklin (left) and Prof. Kunal Ghosh (right).

Honors and Awards

Christopher L. Baldwin
    University Honors
    Phi Beta Kappa

William K. Balunas
    University Honors
    Phi Beta Kappa

Lauren E. Beck
    University Honors
    College Honors

Samuel Carp
    University Honors

Eric M. Chandler
    University Honors
    College Honors

Vivian L. Chang
    University Honors

Nidhi P. Doshi
    University Honors

Nicholas C. Eminizer
    University Honors
    College Honors
    Phi Beta Kappa

David T. Fraebel
    University Honors

Neil F. Goeckner-Wald
    University Honors
    College Honors

James E. Komianos
    University Honors
    College Honors

Linus V. Marchetti
    University Honors

Amrit K. Narasimhan
    University Honors
    College Honors

Tyler S. Nighswander
    University Honors

Nicolas Pabon
    University Honors

Jason W. Rocks
    University Honors
    College Honors
    Phi Beta Kappa
    Phi Kappa Phi

Graham L. Spicer
    University Honors

Rebecca L. Stabile
    University Honors

Colleen E. Treacy
    College Honors

Corinne E. Vassallo
    College Honors

Evan L. Walden
    University Honors
    Phi Kappa Phi

John Wu
    College Honors

Richard E. Cutkosky Award

     Jason Rocks

Degree recipients pose for a group photograph.