Degrees and awards presented at Commencement 2007-Dept of Physics - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, June 4, 2007

Degrees and awards presented at Commencement 2007

Comedian Bill Cosby, the keynote speaker.

The 110th commencement at Carnegie Mellon University took place May 19-20, 2007. Bill Cosby, an award-winning comedian, actor, author and recording artist well known for his commitment to education, delivered the keynote address at the main ceremony on the morning of Sunday, May 20 in Gesling Stadium with good weather conditions. Five other honorary degree recipients joined him on the commencement stage: Helen S. Faison, Wilton A. Hawkins (E'48), Paolo Lugari, Gerald C. Meyers (E'50, TPR'54), and Earl Wild (A'37). Catherine Scudera, a Science and Humanities Scholar who received a bachelor's degree in psychology and creative writing with a minor in religious studies, was the student speaker. More than 2,100 undergraduate and graduate degrees were conferred at this year's commencement.

The hooding ceremony for Doctor of Philosophy in Physics occurred during the evening of Saturday, May 19. The five recipients in attendance are pictured below.

Dr. Adam Lichtl (left) with advisor Prof. Colin Morningstar.
Dr. Gauri Kulkarni (left) with Prof. Fred Gilman.
Dr. Michael Watkins (right) with advisor Prof. Roy Briere.
Dr. Daniel Bock (left) with advisor Prof. Jeffrey Peterson.
Dr. Vivek Tiwari (left) with advisor Prof. Manfred Paulini.

The distribution of diplomas took place in Wean Hall 7500 during the afternoon of Sunday, May 20. The degrees in physics conferred during the ceremony are listed below.

Dr. Daniel Bock (center) receives his diploma from Prof. Manfred Paulini (left) and Prof. Fred Gilman (right).

Doctor of Philosophy in Physics

Daniel Bock
Thesis title: Superconducting Nanowire Bolometers
Advisor: Jeffrey Peterson
Yi Ding
Thesis title: Phase Transformation of FePt Nanoparticles
Advisor: Sara Majetich
Alexander Fore
Thesis title: Lattice Boltzmann Model for Dynamics of Nearly Immiscible Fluids in Porous Media
Advisor: Robert Sekerka
Panchapakesan Ganesh
Thesis title: First-Principles Study of Liquid and Amorphous Metals
Advisor: Michael Widom
Young-Rae Kim
Thesis title: New Probes of Dark Matter and Dark Energy
Advisor: Rupert Croft
Zebulun Krahn
Thesis title: A Partial Wave Analysis of Eta and Eta' Meson Photoproduction using CLAS at Jefferson Laboratory
Advisor: Curtis Meyer
Gauri Kulkarni
Thesis title: Measurements and Models of the Three Point Correlation Function of Luminous Red Galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Advisor: Robert Nichol
Adam Lichtl
Thesis title: Quantum Operator Design for Lattice Baryon Spectoscopy
Advisor: Colin Morningstar
Kivanc Sabirli
Thesis title: Confirmation of Self-Similar Evolution in the X-ray Luminosity-Temperature Scaling Relation of Clusters of Galaxies
Advisor: Kathy Romer
Madhur Sachan
Thesis title: Magnetostatic Interactions in High Ordered Self-assembled Structures of epsilon-Co Nanoparticles
Advisor: Sara Majetich
Vivek Tiwari
Thesis title: Measurement of the Bs anti-Bs Oscillation Frequency Using Semileptonic Decays
Advisor: Manfred Paulini
Michael Earl Watkins
Thesis title: Inclusive Measurement of Upsilon(1S) Decays to Open Charm Hadrons
Advisor: Roy Briere

Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Physics

Ahmet Kaya
Thesis title: High Frequency Characterization of Magnetic Recording Heads
Advisor: James A. Bain
Ryan Carroll (center) receives his diploma from Prof. Manfred Paulini (left) and Prof. Fred Gilman (right).

Master of Science in Physics

      Adam Azarchs
      Benjamin Beppler
      John Bulava
      Ryan Carroll
      Llili Christoph
      Christopher Hefferan
      Charles Hogg III
      Yossef Korang-Beheshti
      Chia-Wei Kuo
      Chao-Hsien Kuo
      Shiu Fai Li
      Shiang Yong Looi
      Elisa Pueschel
      Benjamin Sauerwine
      Prabhanshu Shekhar
      James Thome
      Brian Vernarsky
      Peng Zheng
Phil Lawson (second from left) receives his diploma from Profs. Ghosh (left), Gilman (second from right), and Garoff (right).

Bachelor of Arts in Physics

Bridget Lewis (additional Major in Human-computer Interaction)

Bachelor of Science in Physics

Craig Bonnoit
Michael Bueti
Charles Capps (additional Major in Mathematical Sciences)
Siu Kwan Mike Cheng
Olav Christianson
Sean Conroy
Kent deVillafranca (Minor in Computer Science)
Diana Garrity (additional Major in Professional Writing)
Gunnar Gissel
Nathaniel Greenstein
Alexander Greenwood (Biophysics track with a Minor in Biological Sciences)
Jonathan Kaufman (Astrophysics track)
Karl Kempe (Chemical Physics track with a Minor in Business Administration)
Erica Krivoy (Minor in Hispanic Studies)
Philip Lawson
Richard Lee
Stephanie McMahon (Minor in Mathematical Sciences)
Brian Newman (Astrophysics track with Minors in Mathematical Sciences and Philosophy)
Justin Pye (expected in August 2007)
Jared Rinehimer
Alexander Rutgers (additional Major in International Relations; expected in December 2007)
Joseph Stockhausen
Sukrit Suksombat
Michael Shapiro
Elijah Visbal (Astrophysics track)
Antony Vydrin (Biophysics track)

Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematical Sciences

Daniel James DeCapria
Ryan McNeive
Uchupol Ruangsri

Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Physics

Robert Williams (Computational Physics track with a Minor in Computer Science)

Bachelor of Science in Materials and Science Engineering

Esther P. Yu (additional Major in Physics)

Minor in Physics

Benjamin Chandler
Brian Chin
Ioan Ifrim
Gavin Kanga
Takuya Kondo
Pauline Law
Alejandro Lince
Mathew Nulph
Bharat Patel
Christopher Pride
Samantha Smith
Claire Tomesch
Glenn Willen
Esther Yu (center) receives her awards from Prof. Barry Luokkala (left) and Prof. Hugh Young (right).

Honors and Awards

Craig Bonnoit
      University Honors
      College Honors
      Phi Kappa Phi

Charles Capps
      University Honors
      Phi Kappa Phi
      Phi Beta Kappa

Sean Conroy
      College Honors

Alexander Greenwood
      University Honors
      College Honors
      Phi Kappa Phi
      Phi Beta Kappa

Jonathan Kaufman
      College Honors

Zebulun Krahn
      Graduate Student Service Award (Honorable Mention)

Erica Krivoy
      College Honors

Philip Lawson
      College Honors

Bridget Lewis
      University Honors
      Phi Kappa Phi
      Phi Beta Kappa

Brian Newman
      University Honors

Jared Rinehimer
      University Honors
      College Honors
      Phi Kappa Phi
      Phi Beta Kappa

Uchupol Ruangsri
      University Honors
      Phi Beta Kappa

Sukrit Suksombat
      University Honors

Elijah Visbal
      University Honors
      College Honors
      Phi Kappa Phi
      Phi Beta Kappa

Antony Vydrin
      University Honors
      College Honors

Robert Williams
      University Honors

Esther Yu
      University Honors
      College Honors
      Phi Kappa Phi
      Phi Beta Kappa
      National Science Foundation Graduate
          Research Fellowship

Richard E. Cutkosky Award

      Jared A. Rinehimer

Degree recipients pose for a group photograph.
Stephanie McMahon (center) and fellow degree recipients ponder their futures while glancing over the graduation booklets.