2008-Dept of Physics - Carnegie Mellon University

Physics PhDs in academic year ending in 2008


Thesis Title

Chung, Kwangzoo
Advisor:   James Russ
Hadronic Production of Ψ(2S) Cross Section and Polarization
Fore, Alexander
Advisor:   Robert Sekerka
Lattice Boltzmann Models for Binary Solutions: Models for Diffusion between Species with Unequal Masses and Models for Flow of Immiscible Species in a Hele-Shaw Cell
Gaan, Sandeep
Advisor:   Randy Feenstra
Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of Molecular Thin Films and Semiconductor Nanostructures
Ganesh, Panchapakesan
Advisor:   Michael Widom
First-Principles Study of Liquid and Amorphous Metals
Kaya, Ahmet
Advisor:   James Bain
Experimental Measurements of the Magnetic Recording Head High Frequency Response and Comparison to Quantitative Models
Krahn, Zebulun
Advisor:   Curtis Meyer
A Partial Wave Analysis of Eta and Etaprime Meson Photoproduction Using CLAS at Jefferson Lab
Nie, Shu
Advisor:   Randy Feenstra
Morphology and Electronic Properties of Silicon Carbide Surfaces
Porto, Rafael
Advisor:   Ira Rothstein
An Effective Field Theory of Gravity for Spinning Extended Objects
Riordan, Seamus
Advisor:   Gregg Franklin
Measurements of the Electric Form Factor of the Neutron at Q2 = 1.7 and 3.5 GeV/c2
Sachan, Madhur
Advisor:   Sara Majetich
Magnetostatic Interactions in Highly Ordered Self-assembled Structures of Epsilon-Co Nanoparticles
Stojanovic, Vladimir
Advisor:   Vincent Liu
Novel Ordered States of Matter in Ultracold Atomic Gases
Watkins, Michael
Advisor:   Roy Briere
Inclusive Measurement of Υ(1S) Decays to Open Charm Hadrons
Williams, Michael
Advisor:   Curtis Meyer
Measurement of Differential Cross Sections and Spin Density Matrix Elements along with a Partial Wave Analysis for γ p -> p ω using CLAS at Jefferson Lab