2006-Dept of Physics - Carnegie Mellon University

Physics PhDs in academic year ending in 2006


Thesis Title

Brahme, Abhijit
Advisor:   Tony Rollet
Modeling Microstructure Evolution during Recrystallization
Dong, Yang
Advisor:   Randy Feenstra
Nanoscale Electronic Properties of Semiconductor Surfaces and Interfaces
Draganov, Dimitar
Advisor:   Robert Suter
Transition Region and Precursing Films of Polymer Melts
Gibson, Karen
Advisor:   Manfred Paulini
Measurement of the Relative Fragmentation Fractions of B Hadrons
Giurgiu, Gavril
Advisor:   Manfred Paulini
B Flavor Tagging Calibration and Search for Bs0 Oscillations in Semileptonic Decays with the CDF Detector at Fermilab
Hennessy, Daniel
Advisor:   Robert Suter
Three Dimensional X-Ray Diffraction Microscope Studies of Bulk Materials Microstructure
Kohlmyer, Matthew
Advisor:   Ruth Chabay
Student Performance in Computer Modeling and Problem Solving in a Modern Introductory Physics Course
Lachniet, Jeffrey
Advisor:   Brian Quinn
A High Precision Measurement of the Neutron Magnetic Form Factor Using the CLAS Detector
Tanase, Mihaela
Advisor:   Zhu Laughlin
Electron Microscopy Characterization and Structure Optimization of FePt Self-Assembled Nanoparticles for Ultrahigh-Density Magnetic Data Storage
Varanasi, Kalyani
Advisor:   Steve Garoff
Dynamic Wetting at Receding Contact Lines of Soluble Surfactant Solutions: Hydrodynamics and Molecular Assemblies
Wu, Feng
Advisor:   Fred Gilman
Next-to-leading-order Analysis of the Decay B -> Xs γ
Xiao, Changshi
Advisor:   Robert Suter
A Microstructure Reconstruction Approach for Three Dimensional X-Ray Diffraction Microscopy