2005-Dept of Physics - Carnegie Mellon University

Physics PhDs in academic year ending in 2005


Thesis Title

Bradford, Robert
Advisor:   Reinhard Schumacher
Measurement of Differential Cross Sections and Cx and Cz -> K+A and Yp -> K+E using CLAS at Jefferson Lab
Chong, Shang-Shan
Advisor:   David Sholl
Predicting Nanoporous Gas Separation Membrane Performance from Atomistic Simulations
Kozan, Oner
Advisor:   Robert Swendsen
A New Approach to Critical Properties of Site and Bond Percolation
Naidu, Siddartha
Advisor:   Richard Holman
Alpha-Vacuum Decay and Linear Equation of State Cosmology
Parker, Joseph
Advisor:   Gregg Franklin
The Weak Decay of the 4He Λ Hypernucleus
Zhang, Li
Advisor:   James Bain, Randy Feenstra
Characterization of Heat-Assisted Magnetic Probe Recording on CoNi/Pt Multilayers